Thursday, August 25, 2011

YouTubetorial: Getting a Clean Scalp

I saw the title of this video by You Tube's PrettyDimples01 and immediately wanted to share with all of you. If you're like me and struggle with some scalp issues, you probably enjoy learning as much as you can and trying new ways to keep the scalp healthy. I especially liked this video because I also wear twists a lot and do not always want to remove them to cleanse my scalp.

The original goal for the video was to be able to wash the scalp without getting the rest of her hair wet. As you'll see later on, things did not go exactly as planned however the resulting style was still beautiful. It gets pretty funny a few minutes in when you see what method she attempts to keep her twists dry while she cleanses!

Click to watch:

After all is said and done, the takeaway for me was the fact that she accomplished getting her scalp nice and clean using an easy, thorough method and simple products. Even though she ended up having to wet her hair, she was able to extend the life of her twists and achieving a new look.

Have you ever tried this method to get your scalp clean? If so, what were your results? Also what, if any, wacky methods have you tried when it comes to your hair?

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  1. An alternative method that I learned from Loo at healthy hair and body, is to cleanse the scalp with witch hazel and a soft cloth. Apply the witch hazel to the cloth, and use the cloth to gently cleanse your scalp in between each twist. The witch hazel evaporates quickly, so your twists will not be wet long enough to cause shrinkage/tangling. I don't find the process to be drying at all, but others may choose to follow up with a little oil on their scalp. The method is not as effective as using water to wash away dirt, but it helps to lift dirt from your scalp and neutralize the smell.



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