Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Cuteness: A-Keys Cornrows

I can't tell you how much I miss Alicia Keys gorgrous braided designs. She is still amazingly beautiful with straight hair, of course, but I can't help but find myself yearning to see her stunning braids. People say she has adopted a more "polished" or "sophisticated" look. Bah humbug! Braids and cornrows ARE elegant too! To me, that is such an example of looking at Black beauty through a White/Non-Black lens. So I decided to dedicate this Sunday's Cuteness all to Miss Key's lovely braided locks from yesteryear! Summer 'do anyone?!?!

Gotta love the beads. I can imagine it was hard to keep this look going when people are urging you to straighten or "soften" your look to gain crossover appeal.

How can you tell me that these lovely shots below are not elegant. She looks stunning to me with them swept to the side like that!

I used to love the braid wrapped around the front!

When I was in college that was a girl who could do my hair like these. I LOVED it! She only charged 5 dollars!

Just beautiful! She looks like some kind of princess with this one.

She does amazing things by the way with the Keep A Child Alive organization. Click HERE to visit.


  1. Yeah I loved her cornrows too. When I think of female celebrities with cornrows she is the only one that comes to my mind. They all have straight hair, weaves, and lace front wigs now. I loved Alicia's braids. She seemed so "real" back then. I still love her music and I love it when she wears her hair curly once in a while.

  2. I love the braids. I recently started getting my natural hair braided in cornrows. The corporate drones stare more than usual, but I am loving the freedom from styling. I looked at alot of Alicia's braid styles before deciding on a style. I appreciate Alicia's desire to be associated with her heritage and see her braids as acknowledgment of such. Her stance is unique, because it is not popular or readily embraced by mainstream America.

  3. I love the braids as well! I recently started wearing my hair natural, so I really appreciate female celebrities that do as well..truly representing "blackness". I just dont understand why none of them endeavour to wear their hair natural, I mean they do have state of the art hairdressers anyway, they could make anything look good! Plus they're so beautiful these celebs that with their natural hair they'd have such unique style!

  4. i like her cornrows too but as for black beauty and such she isn't 100% black. her hair is a cross which, i can say, without knowing how to care for it can be a hassel. according to many im a lot like alicia but i beg to differ. i admire her style but i could not pull off half of her looks. i do agree, however, that more people should wear their hair naturally... but i understand why they choose not to.

  5. No one is 100% black.

  6. Excellent points about "polished" and "sophisticated" words that denigrate the natural beauty and heritage of African cornrows and braids. I am actually going back to wearing cornrows (and requesting that the braider NOT braid my hairline so tight) to celebrate my beauty and elegance once I grow out my shaved/twa. I have always loved natural hair and don't see it as a detriment, much to the mainstream's psychological brainwashing messages that our "hair" is ugly. There is a deeper meaning why Yah made us this way. G-D celebrates our beauty more than most blacks who spend upwards of thousands of dollars do.

    The mainstream media seems to have this pathological and compulsive mission to denigrate black women's beauty, and marginalize the true meaning of our beauty while upholding their definition of beauty to the masses. And the black media (those who promote chemicals, weaves, and extensions as an "enhancement") are complicit in promoting mainstream standard of beauty.

    I am so glad black women are going natural and celebrating who we are in G0d's eyes.

    Yah said I am fearfully and wonderfully made. If more black artists stood up to the pressure of changing their hair texture and celebrated our beauty. Our hair is the texture of wool, like the sheep and lamb.

    Satan is a liar and the powers that be serve him to continually throughout history denigrate African descendants more than any group on the face of this earth.



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