Saturday, May 23, 2009

For the Fellas...and the ladies too ;)

I know a lot of women worry about what some men might think about them going natural. They wonder if they will still find them attractive, sexy, desirable, or beautiful. Truth be told, some men DO prefer the straight look and considering the fact that they have grown up in this eurocentric culture just like us, that is not much of a shocker. But, I think we sometimes forget that there are sooo many men out there who LOVE natural hair and rock their own fabulous manes in a variety of styles. Some days nothing is nicer that when a man compliments my hair out on the street, making a point to say he appreciates the natural vibe. Love it! So, I wanted to post this video showcasing men with lovely locs, amazing afros, and just cool hair in general. By the way, 4:22 is the hotness.
Tell me what you all think!


  1. i think my biggest fan since going natural has been my white boyfriend lol

  2. My boyfriend always talked about getting braids and rocking the fro since I went natural and I always thought he was just playing around. I always did really like him in braids, maybe he should get dreads. Ima call him later.

    Love the video, I didnt even have to turn on my volume I just stared at the screen, and they are all my favorite.

  3. @Chanel - That's cool. I find most other people really like our hair, no matter how we tend to struggle with accepting it. Not all of us of course but a lot.



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